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Social Media Policy

The Metro Cultural Foundation, in managing the operations of the Subway Museum, hereby complies with the following Social Media Policy.

1. Purposes of using social media

The purposes of using social media are to promote understanding of the commitments of the Subway Museum and to raise awareness of the Museum.

2. Awareness and responsibility in sharing information via social media
  • We are aware that information we share via social media is accessible by large, indefinite numbers of people, and that information can be rapidly disseminated.
  • We are aware that information we share via social media has a social influence and we take all due consideration to not share inaccurate or unpleasant information.
3. Our social media attitude
  • We shall diligently listen to our customers.
  • We shall endeavor to communicate correct information.
  • We shall refrain from transmitting third party personal and private information.
  • We understand that information once made public can never be completely deleted.
4. To users of social media
  • Information transmitted by social media should not be considered official opinion. For official information please consult the Subway Museum website.
  • Please note that information once transmitted may be subject to change.
  • Please refer to our Terms of Use for our social media and related services.
5. Other
  • Information shall not, as a rule, be transmitted to social media accounts.
  • Please note that this policy may be subject to change without any prior given notice.